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Traditional Saddles

The Traditional Saddle is a heavier weight with a heavy double rigging plate and a heavy thick skirt.  This saddle can be used for heavy roping.

There three levels of design

All saddles include the following items:

Near Front Saddle view

Near Front View

Saddle 2

Near Side and Rear Jockey

Cantle View

Cantle View

traditional saddle full view

Near Side view

close look at saddle stitching

Far Side Leg Fender

Saddle Far Side Rear Jockey

Far Side Rear Jockey

saddle stithcing

Far Side Jockey


Balanced Headstalls, Bridles & Reins

What is on one side is the same as on the other to distribute the weight evenly across the horses' head. This will help in applying equal pressure to the horses for turning one way and the same amount of pressure turning the opposite direction. This is accomplished by the same number of buckles and the same number and length of straps on one side as the other side.